Disaster Proof Your Business with VDR!

Virtual Disaster Recovery


Let's start by providing a couple of scenarios.


Low, Quick Impact Option: Your an IT professional, installing an application on a critical business server, that requires a reboot. You contact all staff affected by the restart to let them know the services will be unavailable for 5 or 10 minutes, you also schedule during a lunch hour or after hours to minimize impact of down time.


Once you reboot the computer, you get a load failure. Now panic starts to set in. The fault is the result of an incompatibility device or a failing RAID controller or perhaps a Crystal Reports engine. Hypothetically lets also assume that this is a high-demand server that hosts your Exchange email, Share-point or SQL database services with point-of- sale software. Yikes, now what are you going to do?


An Intelligent Solution: A simple solution, is using Q2 Cloud Inc. Virtual Disaster Recovery Services, you can recover your failing physical server to a our local appliance that has a virtual image of that server, while the one that just went defunct is being repaired. All affected clients can be automatically connected to the same server on the local appliance to resume business operations. All, without even knowing that the main server has gone done.


Staff work away and save documents on the standby virtual server that you have just turned on. When that image goes to back up that evening automatically, in the cloud, so too does the data. When you get the physical server back up and running, from the backup, you can bring back the changed files since the mishap, in seconds and turn off the virtual server. Until it is needed again, will retain a fresh copy on the local appliance, all from one backup and recovery console.


High-Impact Critical and Business Recovery: The natural disasters of the 2013 Summer season left it's mark in many world regions, leaving many scars and devastation that many of us will not forget. Imagine, if you were a business that was operating near the recent train derailment destruction in Lac-Mégantic, QC., the destructions of West Texas, and area surrounding Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases explosion in Toronto, or in downtown Calgary during the June, 2013 massive flooding? The need to have your data remotely stored away from your geographic region is more paramount than ever. With Q2 Cloud Inc. across Canada multiple presence cloud-centers, even if we are backing up your data in your metropolitan city, we provide more protection through also replicating your data more than 2,000 km away.


With our new P2V and V2V a company can safeguard its physical critical servers to a local appliance and in the cloud for anytime business continuity.


Recovery in the time of crisis is crucial.

Imagine the ability to recovery in seconds versus hours or days.


  • Now available 2TB to 28TB VDR Local Appliances for immediate on-site recovery!

  • No cost, low-cost local recovery P2V (Physical to Virtual) recovery.

  • Automated, low cost, fast recovery V2V (Virtual-to-Virtual) in the cloud site-disaster recovery.

  • Simply the best solution in the Backup and Recovery Market today!