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With our user friendly interface, installation of our backup & recovery software is simple to use and can have you up and running in no time. We profile your computing resources usage and provide an estimate. Once you're up and running, we provide monthly usage reports and quarterly reviews. 

Windows Servers 2003/2011

The Data Protection Solution for Small Business Server Users

If your customers use Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2003 or 2008 (MS-SBS), Q2 Cloud has a backup/restore solution for you, that adds many features not found on basic MS-SBS backup program.


That program only backs up data that resides on your MS-SBS host machine. On the other hand, Q2 Cloud for Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server automatically and securely backs up all of your customers' data - including the mission-critical data stored on PCs and laptops across their networks.

Because in today's knowledge-based economy, you can't afford to lose the business information stored on those hard drives.


Fast, efficient... and cost-effective.

Q2 Cloud for MS-SBS also eliminates the costs associated with tape backups. That's because it sends your data directly to an offsite storage vault. The fully automated process backs up every machine your customer chooses to protect, using their existing Internet connection. Quickly and securely.


With MS-SBS, they can back up more often, minimizing the loss of data between runs. And they will be able to recover lost data more quickly, either over the Internet or with the built-in bare metal restore.


The heart of Q2 Cloud Inc. service is the DS-Client, which is the software that your customers will install easily on the same host machine as their Small Business Server 2003 or 2008. This is the only software they will need in order to protect every machine on their LAN, thanks to Q2 Cloud's “agentless” technology.


Start adding more value to your customers right now by offering them Q2 Cloud's secure data backup and recovery services. Just fill out the our Request More Information and we'll send you an estimate and set you up in our Web Portal, where you can add and configure remote backup services for your customers yourself.

MS Exchange

Remote Backup for MS Exchange Data
Servers & Small Business Server Data Protection Solution

For customers using Microsoft Exchange email servers, the Q2 Cloud MS Exchange Service facilitates and enables pre-determined levels of email backups and restores - from an entire Exchange network to individual emails from individual MS Outlook users.

The Q2 Cloud MS Exchange Service includes a key feature called Local Restore. With this feature enabled, your MS Exchange database is backed up not only to a remote off-site vault but also to your local network - so that some restore operations can take place at LAN speeds.


What Does MS Exchange Service Do For You?
  • Backs up and restores emails individually - as little as one MS Outlook user or an entire MS Exchange network

  • Filter enables users to select which emails to backup/restore

  • Enables users to maintain ultimate control over storage growth, resources and performance

  • Reduces backup window time

  • Saves time, money and resources by backing up only selected emails instead of entire Exchange databases

  • Free Agent

  • SMTP Notifications

  • Budget Allocation

  • AES Encryption

  • Long Term Storage

  • Complies with HIPAA and SEC Ruling 17CFR 240 17a4

  • Works with Exchange 2000, 2003 and 2010


Oracle, Linux, and MS SQL

Protect Your Oracle and MS SQL Server Databases

Q2 Cloud's backup service comes with the built-in ability to perform hot online backups of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Our solution ensures that your customers' critical data is protected in case of application or hardware failure.

Q2 Cloud works with SQL server 2000 and 2005, as well as the latest versions of Oracle. It's flexible, intuitive and easy to use - enabling database administrators to fully customize their backup protection. Q2 Cloud can perform differential backups as well as Transaction Log backups with automatic truncation. Restoring to another database server machine is easy, because this option can redirect a restore. Our technology supports “rollback restores,” allowing administrators to restore databases based on a point in time, rather than a specific backup job.


Here are some other selected features:
  • Data recovery to named Transaction Log Marks within the transaction log allows administrators to restore data up to the point at which the data had last been committed to the database.

  • Improved performance of database consistency checks (DBCC) with the ability to perform a physical only DBCC on SQL databases greatly enhances backup speeds without sacrificing backup accuracy.

  • Transparently integrates online or "hot" SQL Server backups within regularly scheduled network protection routines.

  • Support for "rollback restores" to a specific point in time, rather than a specific backup job. With flexible backup launch options so your backup jobs can be launched immediately, scheduled or saved for later execution.

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