Advanced Solution Features


Fully-automated, fully-managed, secure internet, reliable data backup with unsurpassed recovery
and archiving business continuity.

















As one of the most dependable & reliable service providers in Canada, we provide small-mid, to corporate enterprise, low-cost, life-long, peace-of-mind, business protection.

Advanced Features:

  • 100% Guaranteed Recovery

  • Agent-less, Multi-site

  • Backup Open File Systems

  • Delta-Blocking

  • File, Block and Virtual Recovery

  • Full Auditing and Reporting

  • Client Focused

  • Auto Notifications

  • Bare Metal or Virtual Restores

  • Tiered-Pricing

Solution Categories:

  • Rapid and High-Availability

  • Backup Lifecycle Management

  • Data Reduction

  • Global De duplication

  • Multi-point Recovery


  • Managed, 24/7/365

  • Private and Partner Cloud

  • Local Appliance BURR

  • Partner Rewards