Backup Life Cycle Management

The Life Cycle of Data


The status of a company's data typically changes into categories of importance as "critical" to less operational, as "important" over time . This is known as the data life-cycle.


In today's fast-paced business environments, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively manage the life-cycle of their data to let data volumes climb while they try to manage the costs of protecting it.


Critical Business Data: Is largely dependent on an organizations data and record protection policies, to typically range from 30 days, to 6 months, or 1 year of data generated by the company. This data is deemed critical to the businesses ability to resume normal operations in the event of unforeseen disaster.


Where and how this data is being backed up can mean the difference between a successful and speedy recovery or the failure to resume normal business operations. Minutes to recovery versus hours or days is a critical component to a business continuity planning.


Less Operationally Important Data: Data that has been created by the company to live its useful purpose as files that have not been modified, opened or used past the businesses defined critical policies. This data, while important, can be stored separately at lower cost to meet their business regulations for auditing and compliance.


Where business accounting records can require up to 10 years data life-cycle, medical, legal, engineering or environmental sectors may require life-long protection.  At Q2 Cloud Inc. we understand the challenges of Big Data.  Our flexible and customizable solution, offers  the best intelligence to business protection practices and costs.


Typically, the amount of historical or data that can be stored separately as important and less critical can account for as much as 80% of an organization's data.


Tiered Online Backup Protection Pricing - Delivered by Q2 Cloud Inc., defined by You.


With Q2 Cloud Inc., you can define the policies direct from our one agent backup console to governing how your data is stored and at what point your data becomes less operationally critical. To automatically transfer this data to our tiered off-site disk-to-disk storage, for rapid high-availability and more efficient restore integrity, is a unique feature offered by few in the market today.


Our advanced technology has been designed to provide strategic data management and storage alignment to align the costs of data to the costs of protecting it.