Who We Are

Why Choose Us?

Triple Redundant Tier 1- Tier III

Toronto, Vancouver and Global Secure Data Centres

Software As A Solution (SaaS)

Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas)

Process As A Service (PaaS) & Fully Automated


A 100% Canadian owned & operated company, we provide reliable, secure, guaranteed accessibility to your most valued business assets. Protecting business digital assets since 2005, we are one of the most dependable and reliable low-cost solution of its class, anywhere in Canada. 

At Q2 Cloud Inc. we remove the guesswork from reliable business backup and recovery operations.


Unsurpassed Backup & Recovery:


Through our more than 25 year industry lead, German Engineered backup and recovery software, our solution continues to dominate as one of the most dependable and reliable solution in the market. Installed in more than 300,000 locations world-wide, installations continue to increase year over year.


Infastructure on Demand:


Welcome to the 21st Century Computing! Outsource your PDC's, Servers, Email, SQL and File Servers for secure, reliable and lower-cost business operations. Remote-Hosted in our secure cloud.

No capital outlay, no hardware or licensing to source, manage or maintain. Pricing based on utility based consumption for increased efficiency and reliability. 


Remote Hotsite Recovery:


Secure an image of your most critical business applications in our Cloud for an immediate recovery point or for periodic test recovery operations, without impacting your business. Think of all the possibilities... We increase overall efficiency to your valued IT Assets for maximized benefit, unimagined value and unsurpassed recovery.

What We Do

We manage and maintain the secure data center services, multiple fibre partners, auto-fail over, eco-friendly backup power, heating, cooling and site replication. We also employ a certified only technical support team. With available 24/7 emergency, we are there when you need us most!

We manage all the licensing so you don't have to. No annual licensing, renewals or upgrade fees ever. You pay only for what you use! 

Our agent-less architecture delivers automatic transparent updates, reliably, behind the scenes without necessity to schedule upgrades with on-site administrators. When data center operations are scheduled for maintenance, we provide all clients 24-48 hour notification.

High-Integrity Client Focus:

We monitor clients reliabile integrtiy and will actually contact you, when we see failing backup sets or learn that your setup requires some attention.


Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and was fully operational in the wake of 2003 Eastern Canada and U.S. wide black-out. 

Hands-Free & Worry-Free.

We Do More for Less!


               Cost Effective

               No initial hardware, software or licensing startup capital costs. Inherent de-duplication process and intuitive configuration, reduces data storage costs by providing protection of the data that’s important to your company. Charges based on monthly storage utilization realize 60-90% data compression and higher.

               Security and Reliability

               Redundant reliable fiber network provides 100% guaranteed up-time. Security through AES, DES and Blowfish encryption. Data is encrypted and compressed before offsite transmission, delivered in encrypted and compressed format and stored in the same format. Client support services available on 24/7/365 on after hours standby.


               Ease of Administration


              Agent-less architecture allows remote administration and no agent software on every computer requiring protection. Scheduling options allow companies to define their backup schedules around their business needs. Business expansion or migration processes can be accomplished in record time. With ease, data can be restored to a completely different location.


               Quick Data Restores


              Bare metal restore capabilities, allow a company to recovery from a critical business failure in as little as 24 hours, with immediate data restoration on a day-to-day basis.



               Meet your security governance and compliance with ease. Full feature reporting for auditing monitoring & planning is unlike traditional backups.


               Data Archiving


              Easy data separation of important vs. critical data. Stored in lower cost spinning disks, at substantially lower cost. Contact us to learn how we can help.


               Never Outgrow Your                  Business


There are no limits to the amount of data your company can backup. Backup as much as you need, when you need it without having to worry about storage quotas.